Michael de Lacy

Michael de Lacy was born in the parish of Oulart about 1876. He was one of the leaders of the Enniscorthy Rising along with Robert Brennan, Seamus Doyle, Seamus Rafter, J.R. Etchingham and R. F. King. Etchingham described him as ‘Lieutenant M de Lacy who joined us and worked like half a dozen men as Civil Minister.’ (WS 1216: Canon Patrick Murphy, quoting Etchingham). He was sentenced to death for his part in the Rising. This sentence was later reduced to penal servitude and he was imprisoned in Dartmoor and other English prisons until a general amnesty was declared in June 1917. De Lacy took an active part in the War of Independence in Limerick, commanding the MidLimerick Brigade of the Volunteers. He also served as principal in Limerick Technical School. After the establishment of the State, he entered the civil service and played a major part in organising the Local Government department. He died in February 1950 in Dublin.