Patrick (Pat) Keegan

Pat Keegan was born in Enniscorthy in 1893, and lived with his family at their home at 10 Irish Street. This house was used as a small factory for making ammunition for the rebels. It was also used to store ammunition, such as rifles, hand guns, pikes, and explosives. Keegan was very active during the rebellion, holding the rank of captain, and was made quartermaster of the Volunteer’s headquarters at the Athenaeum. He was arrested after the surrender of the Volunteers, and was imprisoned at Frongoch and Wormwood Scrubs. He was released at Christmas in 1917. After the death of Seamus Rafter in 1918, Keegan was promoted to Commandant, and became the Quartermaster of the North Wexford Brigade of the Irish Republican Army. During the War of Independence, Keegan was sent to the USA in order to collect arms and ammunition for the IRA. After the 1921 Anglo-Irish Treaty, he supported the anti-Treaty side, and was imprisoned at Hare Park Camp in the Curragh. He returned to America for some time, and eventually moved back to Enniscorthy, where he became Urban District Councillor for the Labour Party. He also served with the Irish Defence Forces during ‘the Emergency’ (World War II and after, 1939–1946). He died in 1953.