Seamus Rafter

Seamus Rafter was born in Monalee, Ballindaggin, Co. Wexford, on 24 January 1873. He was a key figure in setting up the Enniscorthy branch of the Gaelic League. He became the commander of the IRB brigade in Wexford, and was Captain of ‘A Company’ in the Enniscorthy Battalion, becoming one of the most important leaders of the Rising in Wexford. He was sentenced to death for his involvement. However, the charge was commuted to five years in prison. He was held in Dartmoor prison in England for one year, and was released with several other Irish rebels. He died on 2 September 1918 as a result of an accidental explosion. He is buried in Ballindaggin Cemetery. There is a granite statue of Rafter in Abbey Square, Enniscorthy, and one of the town’s main bridges is named after him.